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My hair looks awful hahha

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by yasminemei

罪人 + 情人
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yeah for bony collarbones

Anonymous: 2 months till the world is stunned by how sexy your naked body is ;)

You’re gonna be stunned.. By how awful it is

Anonymous: I'm not that anon but I'm 20 (I'm the oral one)

Oh Ill be 18 in like two months so 20 it’s okay

Anonymous: how's about... i'll come off anon if you post us another awesome picture of your body?

Aw aw but I’m at work :(

Anonymous: If that's what you honestly seriously want I can totally do that, we can get pizza after and you don't have to do anything to me either

Haha yes!

Anonymous: babe. we never leave. we just sometimes cannot think of any more ways to express your beauty. you exhaust the english language of ways to express our adoration

Oh my god you are so fucking wow pls pls come off anon

Anonymous: Hey beautiful are u into guys a lil older

How much older?


All my cute anons left :c

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Anonymous: Just like no strings attached oral, just for you for like 3 hours okay?

Yes deal